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Philanthropy & Humanitarian Actions

BORA YANGU = Create more happiness to the world, Create more smiles! Take Action for a better world... We are ALL together on that Movement!

Book Lovers

You can read your favorite book as well as you can attend to our book events and book presentations.

Entrepreneurs & Startups

With the best & healthiest coffee in the world you can have a business meeting in our warm place or you can share your Business Idea...

The Ideal Place for Artists and for Creative People

Στον χώρο του BORA YANGU μπορούν οι καλλιτέχνες να φιλοτεχνούν έργα τους, είτε είναι πίνακες, είτε φωτογραφίες, είτε βιβλία, ακόμα και γλυπτά ή άλλα έργα και σαφώς ΠΡΟΩΘΟΥΜΕ ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ- EVENTS και Παρουσιάσεις καλλιτεχνών!

Stay Fit

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Nature Lovers

We Love GREEN we Love Eco and we love Earth. that's why all of us we attend to events and actions for a greener planet! Come with us...

You want to Share your Idea?

You have something to share? Maybe is a book presentation, or a speech, or even you can do a live (or online) seminar through BORA YANGU. We can help you...

Ιnnovation & Evolution

Bora Yangu is a Positive Cafe Community proves that we are not just going for a coffee... but we belong to the #1 Movement for a BETTER WORLD!